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To use two different search input fields in same view

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I currently got three charts in one of the views and use time input field as time range to be searched for. I have designed this view using simple XML. What I require is to add two more charts to same view, but the time value for this search should be different one. Hence I should be able to add another time input and another search button that picks up this time input. Any help on this appreciated.

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Like this:

<fieldset autoRun="true" submitButton="false">
  <input type="time" token="time_tok1" searchWhenChanged="true">
    <label>First TimePicker</label>
    <default>Last 24 hours</default>
  <input type="time" token="time_tok2" searchWhenChanged="true">
    <label>Second TimePicker</label>
    <default>Last 24 hours</default>
<search id="first_search">
  <query>First Search Here</query>
<search id="second_search">
  <query>Second Search Here</query>
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