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Supported events for charts in SplunkJS Web Framework


I am trying to do some editing to table fields and chart legends after the page and or specific chart/table elements are redrawn. I am having a hard time getting my HTML and JS dashboard to trap certain events (e.g., load and resize), and I can't find any documentation on what events are going to be passed in the HTML and JS web framework.

Is there any documentation that describes what events are passed to specific elements, say Chart elements, or are supported in the SplunkJS Web Framework.

Ones I know of are:

  • click and click:*
  • rendered
  • valuechange
  • data
  • change
  • valueChange
  • search and search:*

Thank you


Hi rjthibod, did you already saw this app:

Try to learn something from there.
Glad I could help.


That does help some but it is incomplete. Some things are not mentioned there, e.g., rendered.

I would be most thankful if someone can point to a complete list.

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