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Splunk implements Graphite?


Has someone ever tried to implements Graphs or at least data from Graphite into a Splunk Dashboard? How can we do that? We would like to compare a Splunk timechart with a Graphite Graph on the same Dashboard. And we don´t want to import the data from graphite into Splunk, just use Splunk as a Dashboard.

Many thanks, Thomas


Another really good app for this: https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/2664/

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Here's an app for getting Splunk data back out into Graphite: https://github.com/OnBeep/splunk_graphite


You could do this with the Splunk 6 web framework. Create a dashboard, convert it to HTML, and then do whatever you want to in the HTML to integrate your Graphite stuff. I don't have any experience with Graphite to explain that part.

And if you do want to take data that you are already sending to Carbon/Graphite, but send it to Splunk instead, it's trivial to read the same data format in Splunk. I wrote a blog post on the topic which explains the steps, which you'll see are pretty simple.


I installed collectd on the client machine which already has the splunk forwarder running on it.
LoadPlugin write_graphite

Host ""  #indexer ip
Port 10001
 Protocol "tcp"
 LogSendErrors true
 Prefix "collectd"
 Postfix "collectd"

and on the indexer, i allowed the port 10001.
/opt/splunk/bin/splunk enable listen 10001 -auth admin:*******
But i am not getting the results from the client machine. Also, client shows the following error
collectd[21107]: write_graphite plugin: send to (tcp) failed with status -1 (Broken pipe).

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