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Splunk Simple XML : Invalid character entry in XML help with CDATA in href

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hi UI gurus,
we have a simple requirement to display certain links in a dashboard. All is good until there is invalid (un-encoded) characters involved. then if I use [[CDATA]] then Splunk simple XML takes the values as literal

Below is dashboard we want to achieve

  <label>test HREF CDATA</label>
                HREF test with un-encoded characters
            <li>Lookup Links
                    <li>My Lookup => 
                    <a href="../lookup_editor/owner=nobody&namespace=search&lookup=xyz.csv&type=csv">Link</a>

Since the href is "un-encoded", this complains. When we change the <a> link as below

<![CDATA[<a href="../lookup_editor/owner=nobody&namespace=search&lookup=xyz.csv&type=csv">Link</a>]]> 

Then splunk XML does not render href properly.
What's the best way to use "href" links properly in Simple XML?

PS: Even <link> don't like & in the URL as below also have same problem



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how about $url|u$?

      <set token="a_link">$click.value2$</set>
       <eval token="url">trim(mvindex(split($a_link$,"("),1),")")</eval>
       <link target="_blank">
         <![CDATA[ https://httpbin.org/json ]]></link>

this works

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Got the gist of the logic. Thanks again. If you want to put as answer, will mark as "answer"

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but in the above, where are we passing the "token" to the link URL?

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If you write statically, you only have to convert this problem when writing it, right?

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