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Splunk Mobile App: How to Open a Dashboard Directly on Splunk Mobile App from a Link Received via Email

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I have created Alerts in Splunk to send emails when anomalies are seen in our infrastructure. This is pretty handy and to make investigation easier, I customized the Alert message to include a link to a dashboard with graphs showing what was observed with all the needed parameters (e.g. the Time Period at which it happened) to open the dashboard in the right context. For example, I get Alert emails with this content:

Check the Health dashboard for details:


_time AvgProcessingTime High LatencyPeak Low Prediction
Mon Jan 26 04:31:20 2015 0.190746 0.126853161957 0.0912334475113 0.0912334475113 0.109043304734
Mon Jan 26 04:31:30 2015 0.375882 0.202649048873 0.104941468384 0.104941468384 0.153795258628

This is great and works fine when I read the email from my office desktop. However, when I read the email from my phone outside office hours, I would really like to be able to click on a link to jump direclty on the dashboard on the Splunk Mobile App. Linking to Mobile apps is quite simple on iOS and work fine by simply having a URL that start with the app name (splunk://). You guys took advantage of that for device registration where I can send a email back to the requestor with a link that looks like this: splunk://config/qY/...

Now it would be awesome if I can embed something like this in my Alert emails:


Maybe it's already enabled but after a couple of tries, I could not properly guess what the URL should look like.

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

This is not something which can be done at this time. The request has been forwarded to the Mobile Product Manager for consideration in a future release.

Path Finder

Was this request processed? Can we open the links to the reports in the emails directly in the SPlunk mobile app

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