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Hello fellow splunkers,

I currently struggle to realize a reporting concept within my splunk environment. In short, what I want to do is the following: I want to schedule a daily report to be generated and mailed to a specific person. This report should ideally be a one page pdf fil. It should contain a list of defined key performance indicators for which saved searches exist to calculate them.

What I did to implement this is to create a dashboard containing all my KPIs and use the "schedule pdf delivery" feature to send a pdf. Now that PDF really does not look good for displaying single key/value pairs surch as: "Amount of website visitors: 34" - only 7 KPIs already need one page A4.

Is there any possibility to customize the pdf generated? I already found out about the python files that specify certain parameters of the pdf file, such as margins, etc. Unfortunately I am no programmer guy and would certainly prefer a different solution to my problem. Does anybody know a workaround solution to get my KPIs displayed in a simple list or table or something like that? In the worst case it would also be OK to display them in the dashboard itself, but they should be in somewhat list- or table-like and not visualization that fills up the whole screen with only 7 values displayed.

Thanks for your help!


In my case I did it by adding each KPI in one column of the table. So I could get like 5 KPI per line, which was sufficient enought for my problem.

There is always some workaround 🙂

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How about appending result of all the saved searches into one and then using showing them in a HTML module, which can be configured better?

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