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Splunk 7.1.1 checkbox checks on click of text

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I have a show/hide checkbox in my dashboard on check of which the few filters are shown/hidden.
After splunk upgrade,on click of text "show/hide",the checkbox is checked but functionality doesn't happen.Hence,it creates an issue for user.
Any help to make sure on click of text the tick doesn't come and only comes when small box is checked

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Hi Archit,

Looks like splunk is not stting up token value when we are clicking on the checkbox text( this feature used to work in splunk 6). To fix this you can set a token when you click checkbox text by checking the checkbox check condition. Then use that token to show/hide other filters.

  <input type="checkbox" id="checkboxFilters" token="filter_show" searchWhenChanged="false" >
      <choice value="show">Show / Hide</choice>
        <condition value="show">
          <set token="filter_show2"></set>
          <unset token="filter_show2"></unset>
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