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Splunk 4.2 charts not displayed in Internet Explorer


Since I've upgraded my splunk Server to version 4.2, customers having trouble to display charts correctly in Internet Explorer 8 - as a matter of fact are they do displayed at all.
The strange thing is that with Firefox and Chrome it works perfectly, but IE is unable to display them - also strange is, that it only is for some specific splunk apps. In *nix app, everything works, but in a self written app, it does work (I also don't get an error message displayed)

So I'd kindly appreciate if someone could help me out, or help me debugging this issue (since I have no idea how to debug this flash charts within IE)

The code for a chart looks as follow:
link: Link to code

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I ran into a similar issue and i found a bug where if you use a single value module in the same panel as a charting module, the chart or module won't display. Behavior was different in every browser, so i just fixed my dashboards by moving single value modules into their own panels.

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