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Sort the table on the basis of color on sort arrow click

I have a advanced XML dashboard, where I display a table using search command. I have used side-view utils to color the table cells based on some threshold values. I can see a sort arrow beside every column header which sorts the table based on values. Is it possible to utilize this sort arrow to sort the column on basis of color.

my dashboard table is as shown below:-

alt text

I want the table to sort as red on top, den orange den green irrespective of their value on click of sort arrow.

Please Help...!!!

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I think I see. The thresholds are defined differently for each row, so some of the values that are red for one row are only orange for another.

It would be extremely difficult and involve some custom code to make clicks on the "head1" and "head2" columns sort by the colors instead of the values. However you could allow the hidden threshold value (or whatever it's called) to not be hidden, but rather to be exposed in the table. Then the user could click it, and if you could rearrange it so that the values were "red" "orange" and "green", it might give your users what they want?

Or alternately you could just do the default sort by the threshold field when the table is first rendered.... Then if they change the sort order by clicking the little arrows they wont have a way to get that sort order back but maybe that's OK.

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yeah, the color are based on values. But here, each cell has a color based on different values. therefore, I want to sort it based on colors irrespective of values.

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Isn't the color based on value? If yes then sorting by values is same as sorting by color.

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