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Simple XML Checkbox: How to customize CSS to format all check boxes in a row, not a column?

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I'm trying to customize my Simple XML Checkbox (Splunk-Version 6.1.1): All check boxes should be placed in a row, not in a column (default).

It's the first time i use css, so i'm not getting the correct result. I put something like the following in

.checkbox {

Now some checkers are displayed in a row, but not all. There seems to be some "width" statement missing, but all trials didn't work out. Also there is only the first checkbox-button visible. All others in the same row are missing. Only lables.

Next question: ".checkbox ..." is a little bit board. I would like to restrict it to one specific dashboard. Possible?


Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Did you try to review the PAS app?


It's part of the developer guidance...




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