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On the dashboard I'm creating, I have multiple charts with each chart having SAME legend as others. Is there a way to create a blank chart with legend only, and to remove legend from all other charts, but of course, so that they would be synced. I know that hot-tracking is asking to much at this point, but I won't mind if someone tells me that's possible too 🙂

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I'm interested in a solution/method to this too.

I'd 1/2 done this but run into limitations.

What I did using the advanced xml you can remove the chart legends off all of them except for one. Aslong as the series names are the same the colors will match. I also grouped them in the same layout panel together.

I problem I have is that I can't do what your asking for which is a separate layout panel grouping with just the legend. As there would be no data there is nothing to populate the legend. I havn't tried playing with the HiddenChartFormatter to see if I can just hide the chart itself however.