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Remove x button from dropdown in Simple XML

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Anyone know how I can remove the X (clear) button from my dropdowns using simple XML? I found something related in the dev documentation at http://dev.splunk.com/view/webframework-htmldashboards/SP-CAAAETT but can't work out how to apply this to a Simple XML dropdown.

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In the Simple XML Reference for the input type dropdown, there's a showClearButton child element listed. For example:

<input type="dropdown" token="sourcetype_tok">
  <label>Select a source type</label>
  <choice value="splunkd">splunkd</choice>
  <choice value="splunk_web_access">splunk_web_access</choice>
  <choice value="splunkd_ui_access">splunkd_ui_access</choice>

I know this was an old question, but I was seeking the same answer, so maybe this will save someone else some time. 🙂

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The link is only applicable for dashboard created using Web framework and not for Simple xml.

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