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Hi all  :),

I am trying to use Splunk rest API using postman.

when I try to make a request on port 8089 I am getting a "COULD NOT GET ANY RESPONSE".

the url is the right one and the host is listening to the port 

I cant get a response using curl and python either

the web UI is working properly (port 8000) and sending data using HEC too (port 8089) 

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How do you know the host and port are correct, if you can't get a response? Or perhaps they are correct, and you have a firewall between you and the host? We can't help you with the firewall scenario, but if you are certain it's correct, try a basic curl command, so you can test connectivity. If you can't connect, you can send the basic command and the result, to your network/firewall admins.

From this page: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/8.2.1/RESTUM/RESTusing
Try this curl command, see if you get through, and if so, what the response is.

curl -k https://localhost:8089/services/auth/login --data-urlencode username=admin --data-urlencode password=pass



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Hi, thank you for answering.

I know the hostname is correct becose I can send events to that url and the port I am trying to make a request to is the deafult mgmt port (8089).

There is no firewall between me and the host and I've tried changing the mgmt port (to 8090 using the etc/system/deafult/web.conf file) and the same problem occured.

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Did you miss .conf21 Virtual?

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