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Problem with map command and drilldown.

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So I have a drill down on my first table where you're able to select a value in the MaterialName field and it's suppose to link to the second search using $WOSet$. However, when I click the cell of the MaterialName on the first table, the token doesn’t connect to the second table below it because the second table uses a map function that uses a token from its own search in its subsearch. (If you take out the part with the map function, the drilldown does work) How would I be able to overcome this so that the drilldown would work properly? I tried the double $$ around the tokens, but that doesn't seem to work. When I click the value In the first panel it the second panel isn't even affected. The second panel just says search is waiting for an input

This is my code:

        | stats first(Status) as Stat first(PromiseDate) as PromiseDate first(Quantity) as Qty by WorkOrderNumber,MaterialName
        | table PromiseDate WorkOrderNumber Stat MaterialName Qty
        | dedup WorkOrderNumber consecutive=false</query>
                <option name="count">100</option>
                <option name="dataOverlayMode">none</option>
                <option name="drilldown">cell</option>
                <option name="percentagesRow">false</option>
                <option name="rowNumbers">false</option>
                <option name="totalsRow">false</option>
                <option name="wrap">true</option>
                  <set token="WOSet">$click.value2$</set>
                  <query> index="databaseorderhistory"  MaterialName="$$WOSet$$"
        | stats first(Status) as Stat first(PromiseDate) as PromiseDate by WorkOrderNumber,MaterialName
        | dedup WorkOrderNumber consecutive=false
        | join type=left MaterialName [search index="plth5_googlesheets" source="http:H5_RoughMill_Inputs"
        |table Sku InputMaterial
        | rename Sku as MaterialName
        | dedup InputMaterial
        |eval timenow=relative_time(now(),"-5d@M")
        | map maxsearches=100 search="search index=database2 ProductName="$$InputMaterial$$" 
        | stats first(postQty) as Qty first(type) as Type first(PlantNumber) as LastLocation first(postLocationName) as LocationNo last(PlantNumber) as ProducedLocation first(_time) as Date last(_time) as ProduceTime last(type) as ProducedType by postName, ProductName  
        | where Qty>0
        |eval timenow=\"$timenow$\""
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