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Drilldown to Service now URL

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I am creating a simple drilldown which is supposed to open service now search page with the token value passed.However it is not taking the field value as the token instead always showing the NOW results with click.value2. I tried the same logic to google and it works fine.Is there something different in service now link which is blocking it to work?

      <link target="_blank">ht******.service-now.com/nav_to.do?uri=%252F$sn_global_search_results.do%253Fsysparm_search%3D$click.value2$</link>

URL showing up in service now - ht******.service-now.com/navto.do?uri=%2F$snglobalsearchresults.do%3Fsysparm_search%3D$click.value2$

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