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Pie chart drill down not working for 3 different fields

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When i use 3 different fields in pie chart , the drill down is not working for me.
for example ,
|stats sum(CountOfPass) as "Tests Pass",sum(CountOfFail as "Tests Fail",sum(CountOf_Excluded) as "Excluded Tests"|transpose|rename "row 1" as "Count"

This is my code .When i use this Drill down , i am getting the initial new search page and not the drill down values .The drill down code is
|stats sum(CountOfPass) as "Tests Pass",sum(CountOfFail as "Tests Fail",sum(CountOfExcluded) as "Excluded Tests"|transpose|rename "row 1" as "Count"|search $column$="$click.value$"
|rename Assessment as "Assessment "CountOf
Pass as "Tests Pass" CountOfFail as "Tests Fail" CountOfExcluded as "Excluded Tests"|Table "Assessment " "Tests Passed" "Tests Failed"

Please help me to make this drill down work

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