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Passing multivalue token to search driven multiselect input


OK, here goes...

I've got a row of hierarchy driven multiselect fields on multiple dashboards.  They are driven from a base search which pulls the employee listing, the input options autopopulate based the selection of the previous input. (Pretty much how you'd expect to use an option like that.)  This works flawlessly.

Now, if I try to pass token value from dashboard #1 to dashboard #2, (using the form.tokenname=xxx&form.tokenname=yyy method)  the names appear in the top level input however  only the individual values appear in the subsequent multiselect.  Their respective searches do not appear to run and all searches that are reliant on these inputs do not run.  When checking token values, the $form.token$ is populated but $token$ is not.

I have also tried creating a token such as <set token="sup_default">XXX,YYY</set>  and passing that to dashboard #2 then using that token as the <default> for the input.  That too displays the values in the input field but nothing runs.

Thoughts, Ideas?

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