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Override ">= 0" legend label in sankey diagram?

I am using Splunk 8.1.0 with the Sankey Diagram 1.5.0 app.

My query for the sankey diagram conditionally, based on a form input, excludes zero values.

I would like to conditionally—say, based on a token being set—override the ">= 0" legend label with "> 0". I just want to remove the "=" from that label.

As a starting point, I've attempted to unconditionally override the sankey diagram CSS. For example:

.sankey_diagram > div.legend > ul > li:nth-child(1) > span {
  background-color: red;

but that's had no effect. (I was considering attempting pure a CSS approach: hiding the original content, then using a pseudo element to inject my override.)

It's occurred to me that I could also use a JavaScript document.querySelector to set the content of that span element in the legend, but I'd prefer not to have an external .js file for this.

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