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Need to change dropdown values based on checkbox

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I have a ticket category drop down (including assigned,in progress,closed reassigned etc)
I have a checkbox, on click of which I want the category drop down to run for all its value values EXCEPT "reassigned" value and once unchecked it should run with all the values present in category drop down
Any leads would be helpful.

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<fieldset submitButton="true" autoRun="true">
<input type="time" token="timetok">
<label>Time Range:</label>
<input type="radio" token="exclude" searchWhenChanged="true">
<choice value="1">With Reassigned</choice>
<choice value="2">without Reassigned</choice>
<eval token="fq">if($value$=="1","|search category=*","|search NOT catergory=reassigned")</eval>

<input type="dropdown" token="cat
tok" searchWhenChanged="true">
<query>index=* sourcetype=xxx $fq$ | dedup category | table category</query>


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Can you provide your query ? just hide you crucial details.

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