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How can I connect a field in my dashboard panel to an external URL?

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In dashboard table panel I have a field called srcip. Now I want to give a external link to this particular field..How do I do it? What are the changes I have to do in SourceCode?

Url link I want to use : https://www.tcpiputils.com/browse/ip-address/

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Re: How can I connect a field in my dashboard panel to an external URL?

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Looking this documentation, you should be able to create a workflow.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Fields > Workflow actions.
  2. Click New to create a workflow action.
  3. For the Destination App, select search.
  4. For Name, type: getwhoisinfo
  5. For Label, type: Get info for IPaddress: $src_ip$
  6. For Apply only to the following fields, type: src_ip
  7. For Action type, make sure link is selected.
  8. For URI, type: https://www.tcpiputils.com/browse/ip-address/$src_ip$
  9. From the Open link in drop down menu, make sure New window is selected.
  10. From the Link Method drop down menu, make sure get is selected.
  11. Save your workflow action.
  12. Verify your workflow action works as expected. Return to the Search & Reporting app and search for sourcetype="" src_ip="" over the last 4 hours.
  13. Expand the first event and click Event Actions.
  14. Click Get info for IPaddress: {src_ip}. A secondary browser window should open to the URI and display the IP address information.

I'm not exactly sure how this should be add to Dashboard.
Maybe this can be helpful.


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