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Must hide show value for trendline in column chart


I have a below query :

index=_internal sourcetype=splunkd_ui_access NOT file=15* | stats count by file | where count > 100 | trendline sma2(count) as trend

In the column chart visualization , I have gone to "Format" and then "General" and clicked on "Show Data Values" and enabled it and then I went to "Chart Overlay" option and gave "trend" as overlay.

Now, in the graph, value is showing for column graph and in the trendline also because we have enabled "Show Data Values" .

It is confusing because which count belongs to which graph ( it is messy ) . So my requirement is :

I dont want to display the "show value" just for trend ( which is given in overlay ) and want to display the "show value" for the column chart . Kindly help !!

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