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Issues with performing drilldown on Splunk dashboard while passing token values - Search is Waiting for Input is displayed

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I am trying to establish drilldown dashboards for something as per below. However, the drilldown link is working fine (when i click on the relevant field) but it does not result in providing the output in the drilldown.
It ends up saying "Search is waiting for Input". Any idea how it can be fixed?

  • The original dashboard for sales where one of the value is going to be picked up depending on the click performed on the statistics table and passed on to the secondary dashboard to present the drilldown output:

alt text

  • Search query on the secondary linked dashboard to run the output using the input provided by the token: alt text
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you can try with

<link><![CDATA[ https://www.abc.com/drilldown/dashboard?form.sales=$sales$]]></link>

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You need to have an input on the second page which uses the token, otherwise the search won't pick it up (which is why you're seeing "Search is waiting for input"). If you don't want to see the input on the destination dashboard, you can do something like

<input depends="$token_which_is_not_set$" token="sales" ...>

to hide the input.

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You need to pass the token value ($sales$) in the URL. Try this

<link><![CDATA[ http://abc.com/drilldown/dash?sales=$sales$]]></link>


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Thanks for the quick response.

i tried passing the token value in the URL as per your suggestion but it is still returning the same outcome "Search is waiting for input" on the drilldown version.

any other idea on how it can be fixed?

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