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Is there a way to save the timeline event viewer/histogram into a dashboard?



I love the timeline event viewer/histogram. Is there a way I can save this into a Dashboard? I can't find any examples that have this. If anyone has XML source samples, please share. I'm used to the histogram in Kibana, if anyone is familiar with that view.

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I don't know Kibana. But, I know you can show a histogram in Splunk, you can append this on your query:

| TIMECHART count by host
And then go to "Visualization" tab, Choose "Column" chart, Click "Format", Choose "Stacked", and "Apply"
You can change "by host" to anything you want, or you can remove it if you don't need to categorize the histogram.

If this is not what you want, maybe you can help me by posting your query in Splunk, and screenshot of your expected dashboard visualization in Kibana.

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Would like to see that in Simple XML, too.

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