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Is there a visualization of the _time and alerts issues?


Is there a visualization of the _time and alerts issues, such as the one described at How to alert using _indextime for window instead of _time ?

I need to visually show it to the managers here.

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First, set your Timepicker on the Advanced tab and set Earliest to 0 and Latest to +Infinty (NOTE: DO NOT use All Time because in some versions of Splunk it uses now for Latest instead of +Infinity). Next use a search like this:

index="YouShouldAlwaysSpecifyAnIndex" AND sourcetype="AndSourcetypeToo" _index_earliest=-6m@m _index_latest=-5m ...


What "time and alerts issues" are you talking about?
What difficulty are you having modifying the search in the cited answer to suit your needs?

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The issue is described at the link - when to use _indextime in alerts in addition to _time. Is there a visualization that shows how they can be used in alerts?

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@danielbb check out Timeline Custom Visualization

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