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Is there a bug with clicking to scroll chart legend?

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Our teams have noticed an issue since we upgraded to Splunk 9.0.3 (from 8.1.x) with the chart legend interactions.  When the legend is a long list of series, attempting to scroll the legend list by clicking on the "scroll button" is instead mistakenly interpreted as a click on one of the legend's series, causing a drilldown search.  This is seen, at least, in the Search Assistant.

Has anyone else seen this?  Is it a known (to Splunk) problem?  Any idea which versions/situations do/don't exhibit the bug?

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I think this issue even pre-dates version 9. I see this issue with ALL of my charting visualizations where there are multiple 'pages' of legend items. It's infuriating, and it's a very obvious bug. I've tried Chrome, Edge. Makes no difference. Splunk Cloud, Splunk Enterprise - makes no difference. My older visualizations didn't used to have this problem with the legend pages, but now they do.




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It happens to me too!

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