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How to populate an input dynamically in Dashboard Studio?



Splunk Version: 8.2.6

Index Type: Metrics Index

Dashboard type: Dashboard Studio


I've followed the document here https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/SplunkCloud/latest/DashStudio/inputs

to try to create an input that is populated via a datasource (I've also looked at a number of questions on this forum).

The specified configuration simply does not work:

"items": ">frame(label, value) | prepend(formattedStatics) | objects()",

I mean what does this even mean? The syntax is pretty obscure and there is no documentation.

I've looked at the `formattedStatics` bit and created exactly the same configuration, but using my own data source and the input simply shows the default value and does not display the results from the query.

My datasource is the following:



 |mcatalog values("userName") as userName where index=myapp_metrics




I've tried all sorts of combination including



 "label": ">primary | seriesByName(\"userName\") | renameSeries(\"label\") | formatByType(formattedConfig)",
               "value": ">primary | seriesByName(\"userName\") | renameSeries(\"value\") | formatByType(formattedConfig)"



None of this has worked.

All the examples I've seen are for an Events index. Is there something special I need to do for a Metrics index?


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