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Is loadjob compatible with a javascript submit button when used as a base search?


I use JS submit buttons because the SimpleXML submit button is useless (searchWhenChanged is broken, you can only have one button, cannot inline, cannot have multiple, and cannot have multiple timepickers, + many other issues). However, unfortunately, post-processing is also useless (export is broken, you can only use a single base search per post-process) so I would like to use loadjob as a base search.

However, there is inherently an issue in doing so. If you do something like the below:

... | append [| loadjob "$exchange$"] | append [| loadjob "$badge$"] | append [| loadjob "$wineventlog$"] | eval trigger="$submit_trigger1$"

Then on the first run the search is going to wait until all tokens have been populated because they start as null. This means that when you click submit the first time the "search is waiting for input" message is going to stay. The second submission onwards, the "search is waiting for input" message will function as normal and change since no tokens are null any longer, but also the search will keep getting updated each time another base search has completed, instead of just once when they all have completed.

Is Splunk capable of using multiple base searches per post-process, AND using a normal, non-broken submit button?

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