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Is it possible to hide fields from "interesting fields" once they have been aliased?

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Hello! We currently index a variety of XML files that we auto-extract the fields from using XML KV. Because the XMLs are a flattened version of system files with a variety of classes/loops, the fields end up being named something like "explanation_of_benefits.member.address.zip" or something along those lines.

We created a suite of aliases to give them friendlier names when searching, but the original fields are still present, clogging up the "interesting fields" space if you search in verbose/smart mode.

Is there any way to hide these original fields? I found some old posts saying it might have been possible in v5, but once v6 came out that solution stopped working.


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Long time ago now but if anyone else comes looking here's a solution

Best thing to do is in props if you're using KV_MODE=XML take that off, if you're not using KV, no worries. Then EVAL<field_name> = spath all the fields you want to keep

EVAL-ZIP = spath(_raw,'explanation_of_benefits.member.address.zip')

This will give you a field called ZIP with the value you need and no full path.

Also if you still need to get back to the full paths temporally for any reason (looking at a new field) you can just use spath again in the search head:

index=explain sourcetype=benifits | spath

This will give you all the paths in the _raw

Hope this helps someone.

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the only way I got around this issue is by moving my data into another index:
after I ran this "all time" I scheduled a report with the search below, to update my "clean" index every hour for the last hour.

index=myxml sourcetype=toomanyfields
| table clean_field1 clean_field2 clean_field3

| collect index=clean sourcetype=clean_data

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Have you tried something like ... | fields - explanation_of_benefits.* | ... ?

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Hi Rich,

Unfortunately we were hoping for something that we wouldn't have to add to each search, as there are about 20-30 of these fields for each file type. But thank you for your response!

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