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Is is possible to integrate a d3.js chart with simple xml using the html and script tags in the form and panel elements of simple xml

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Basically I have a number of dashboards developed in simple xml. I want to add custom d3.js visualizations to these dashboards for some of the panels.
I do not want to convert the page to an HTML page as that would make it harder to use. While django bindings is an option, I want to know if its possible to add custom HTML and JS to simple xml to create d3 visualizations.
Something like this:

<form script='xyz.js'> 
                  ## add custom html code ## and render it though custom JS ##

I have seen that many html tags do not work this way and there is limited functionality available. Was hoping some one could point to a working example if its possible to implement.

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yes, it is possible. You can see the D3 chart overlay example in the splunk 6.x dashboard examples app.

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