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Howcan I create a dashboard only no other options menus or authorization login?

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Quick question about this subject Splunk 4

Ideally, I need to create a dashboard for several groups. I need them to access quickly every time they want. I do not want them to have to use a userid or password and they should have access only to the dashboard.

Is this possible?

I tried to play with options and permission but I did not get anywhere.

Thanks, Dan

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The link that Johnvey gave didn't work for me ... this is probably it:


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Thank you very much for your answer. It helped a lot!

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All requests to Splunk must be authenticated. Version 4 offers two methods to accomplish this:

  1. Single sign-on: this integrates with a centralized authentication system, like LDAP, to transparently authenticate users.
  2. Insecure login: this allows developers to inject a username and password directly into the URI to auto-login. Obviously, this exposes user credentials and should be used cautiously.

Creating a dashboard with no menus or other headers involves creating a view that only outputs the desired charts or tables. A simple example is listed here. For full information about view development, see the developer's reference.