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Dashboard isn't showing any Data

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The search app, displays all the expected results, but when I put in a saved search in dashboard, nothing is displayed. The default panels display data, but even a simple search such as host=(star).(star) displays nothing in the dashboard.

Here is one search I made (took it from the default search to see if anything would work.)

error OR failed OR severe OR ( sourcetype=access_* ( 404 OR 500 OR 503 ) ) - called test dashboard

and the search for search network offline network ports is: host="logger.office.sample.com" port off-line

IT Dashboard test dashboard Discover Offline ports all

No search that is put in a panel shows any data (in the chart), but it can display the results if its in data table format.

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I believe the answer to your question can be found at this link.


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test dashboard

Discover Offline ports


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Splunk Employee

well host=. wont actually work (unless you have ips for hosts). Try host=* - however i dont think this is your issue... you can try pasting your xml here and we can try troubleshooting that. Otherwise i dont think we have enough info to be able to tell what's wrong..

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