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How to send a specific value to another dashboard without clicking on the value


Can I use the Splunk Drill down to send the data from a dashboard to another dashboard if the data increased than a specific threshold?

For example, Dashboard A has a Value 90% and the threshold is 80% then it sends the data to Dashboard B.

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Here I suggest to keep Dashboard A's Value and Threashold logic in Dashboard B.

Copy search from Dashboard A and use it to set token in Dashboard B.

See below sample XML for same. Here I have used search from Dashboard A (for example) and add condition in search as per your requirement (like. I added in below XML | where Value=90 AND threshold=80). You can see a token tkn_data which is set on the basis of search results. You can use this tkn_data token in your dashboard. You can validate the XML by modifying Value AND threshold value in search.

  <label>Dashboard Example</label>
          <query>| makeresults | eval Value=900,threshold=80 | rename COMMENT as "This is sample of your search" | fields Value threshold| where Value=90 AND threshold=80 </query>
            <condition match="'job.resultCount' == 0">
              <set token="tkn_data">Other Value</set>  
              <set token="tkn_data">My Expected Value</set>
        <b> Results from search manager: $tkn_data$</b>

I hope this will help you.


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