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How to represent a Process Flow Diagram on a Splunk Dashboard?

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We want to represent the status of 10 stages within a process on a Dashboard, along with the ability to drill-down to the details of each of the stages on the same Dashboard. But instead of just showing the Status of the stages in the form of a Statistical table, we want to show a Process Flow Diagram consisting of a component for each of the 10 stages, over which the Status of each stage would be superimposed.

We do not want to represent them as 10 single-value components (running a search for each of these). Let us assume that we have the status for these stages derived and they are present in a kv store. Is there any way we could achieve this - reading the status of these stages and representing them as status icons on a single flow diagram?

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An entirely alternative approach: Create your process flow diagram as an image, put it in the background of your dashboard, and place single values on the image where you want data to be displayed.

For an example check out Splunk's own Distributed Management Console, shipped since 6.2 and available at http://splunk:8000/en-US/app/splunk_management_console/indexing_performance_instance

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good question. I was also looking for the same, but couldn't find a D3.js based simple xml demo yet. ( I was looking for a organisational hierarchy kind of chart)

Another idea I thought is to use force graph or Sankey Chart (lots of examples) are there and overlapping the nodes with images/boxes. Its bit crude, but that's a suggestion

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Based on the description, I think you can -
1) Create a multi value field for status and
2) Use eval function to evaluate different conditions.

I actually found this (which I think might be useful for you)

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