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How to refresh a dashboard with multiple single value panels every minute without screen jump or "Waiting for data..." message?


I want to refresh a dashboard with multiple single values (about 15) every minute. The dashboard will be displayed on a screen for an IT Department to watch. Possible solutions I found so far:

1) Refresh complete dashboard with <dashboard refresh = "60">
Problem: The screen is jumping and as long as the dashboards are loading there are no values shown.

2) Refresh individual single values with <option name="refresh.auto.interval">60</option>
Problem: Works better than 1) but still the it shows "waiting for data" a lot of the time before showing the actual value

3) Use real time search
Problem: This actually works, but I will have to keep running 15 real time searches for a simple dashboard where the value only changes every 1 minute.

Is there a better way to do this? It would be perfect if the Single Value would keep its value until the refresh is done and then show the new value.

This questions has been asked multiple times without a real answer, so it seems I am not the only one searching for a solution to this:

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This might be more complicated than what you want, but...

You could have two tabs open and open the dashboard in both. Then use a Chrome add on like Revolver to switch between those two tabs every 60 seconds or however long you like. Revolver has an option that it will refresh a page before switching to it, so by the time the tabs switched, the panels were already updated.

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IMO, you understand all available native options (without embedding splunk inside your own webscript).

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One option would to create scheduled savedsearches running every 60mins and use that in your panels. That would still cause a hiccup by much shorter duration when compared to option 2.

Also, are you using postprocess searches? If you panels all use the same base search with minor filters/field changes between them you could look at using a global search. That will cut down on the number of concurrent searches your dashboard executes.

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