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I created an advanced xml dashboard that groups up a bunch of single values in generic headers, I would like to include a link in that group to a dashboard that has charts and graphs of the single values. I cant find in the modules what would be the right thing to use to include a link to a dashboard that i saved already ie: en-US/app/search/myotherdashboard

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You can simply use the StaticContentSample and insert a HTML fragment that includes a link to another dashboard:

<module name="StaticContentSample">
    <param name="text"><![CDATA[ 
        <a href="myotherdashboard">Link to my other dashboard</a>

You can use relative links (like in the example above) to link to a view within the same app, or server-relative (eg. <a href="/app/search/myotherdashboard">...</a>), which allows to link to views in other apps as well.


Thanks, seems so obvious!

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I am new to splunk XML coding,

When i use this code it shows the following error

XML Syntax Error: Cannot find object mapper for panel type: module

Please help. I am using Splunk 6.4.1


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