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How to pass and consume a token from a URL?

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Hello All,

I am having some trouble getting my head wrapped around the use of the required library to pull the passed token value from the URL string. I have seen this page: link text and I still dont get it.

I would like to call a page of my app with a token specified. ie: mylongserverurlstring?token=passedvalue

Then, what I am having an issue with is understanding the proper use of the splunkJS library to enable token extraction functionality.

I need something that clearly spells out how to use : splunkjs.mvc.Components.get('default').set('mytoken', value) library.

Currently my JS looks like:

<iframe src=$token|s$ id="myframe"></iframe>

<script type="text/javascript">

    var pageloading = true;


    var iframe=document.getElementById('myframe');
     window.open(url, "myframe");

My goal is to pull the token from the initial URL string and plug it into the iframe src.

Thank you for the help!!

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Re: How to pass and consume a token from a URL?

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solving with URLloader from sideview....

View solution in original post

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