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How to initialize a time token earliest during dashboard refresh?

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hi ,

i did some modifications to the time token earliest and latest as per my requirement as shown below.

<input type="time" token="time_picker" searchWhenChanged="true">
<label>Time Picker</label>
<eval token="my_earliest">if(isnum($time_picker.earliest$),$time_picker.earliest$,relative_time(now(),$time_picker.earliest$))</eval>
<eval token="my_latest">if(isnum($time_picker.latest$),$time_picker.latest$,relative_time(now(),$time_picker.latest$))</eval>
<eval token="my_now">now()</eval>
<eval token="final_earliest">strftime($my_earliest$,"%m/%d/%Y:%H:%M:%S")</eval>
<eval token="modified_axs">if($my_latest$==$my_now$,$my_latest$-60,$my_latest$)</eval>
<eval token="modified_prex">if($my_latest$==$my_now$,$my_latest$,$my_latest$+60)</eval>
<eval token="final_latest_axs">strftime(modified_axs,"%m/%d/%Y:%H:%M:%S")</eval>
<eval token="final_latest_prex">strftime(modified_prex,"%m/%d/%Y:%H:%M:%S")</eval>

Now, when i refresh the dashboard i am getting  the error , it is not picking the default earliest. it is taking time_picker.earliest as now(). i want to set it for -15m during dashboard refresh 

Error in 'search' command: Unable to parse the search: Invalid time bounds in search: start=1652905253 > end=1652905193.

how can i solve this issue ? @niketnilay 

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