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How to filter multivalue of strings by substring/character?


I need to filter multivalue of strings by substring/character.

field coordinatorsID: a##1, b##2, c##3, d##3

field expertiseLevel can be one of  "1", "2", "3"


expertiseLevel = "3"

result ->  c##3, d##3

What I tried:


 | eval coordinatorsID_filtered = mvfilter(like(coordinatorsID,"%$expertiseLevel$"))            error


| eval expertiseLevel = case(expertiseLevel == "1", "%1", expertiseLevel == "2", "%2", expertiseLevel == "3", "%3")

 | eval coordinatorsID_filtered = mvfilter(like(coordinatorsID,$expertiseLevel$))                   null


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hey @Kubousky,

If the field coordinatorsID is present as a column of the table, try expanding the field using mvexpand first, and then extract the field expertiseLevel from the coordinatorsID using regex. This will create a separate column for the expertiseLevel and then you can filter your data using the search command. Roughly your query should look something like this

| mvexpand coordinatorsID
| rex field=coordinatorsID "[a-zA-Z]##(?<expertiseLevel>\d)"
| search expertiseLevel="3"
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