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How to extract value from token in init section


Hello I am trying to get substr in init but it looks like it's not working.

the problem is $data_type$ value is "(data_type=state)" or "(data_type=country)" or "(data_type=state OR country)"

I need a way to create another token like cur_data which can get the substr of $data_type$ from idx 8 -12

I tried but substr in inti did not work...
<eval token="cur_data">substr($data_type$, 8,12)</eval>
data_type field is part of fieldset and taking from user from dashboard filter




<set token="STATE_DATA">STATE_1, STATE_2, STATE_3, STATE_4</set>
<eval token="cur_data">substr($data_type$, 8,12)</eval>
<eval token="VCS_TYPES">if($cur_data$='state', $STATE_DATA$,  $COUNTRY_DATA$)</eval>




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Re: How to extract value from token in init section


@kotak86 since you are trying to use a token in the init section, which does not seem to be set during dashboard initialization, your dependent token is not getting set. Try to use an independent search instead, which also runs on Dashboard load as well as each time source token changes,

    <query>| makeresults
    | fields - _time
    | eval cur_data=substr($data_type|s$, 8,12)</query>
      <set token="cur_data">$result.cur_data$</set>

| eval message="Happy Splunking!!!"

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