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How to embed Splunk cloud/enterprise features on my website.


Hello there, 

Here I am writing to see my use case for integration of Splunk cloud/enterprise features on my website. 

I am looking for web services regarding integration with Splunk cloud or Splunk enterprise. My aim is to render Splunk cloud /enterprise dashboards, reports on my website.

I have,

  • Splunk cloud admin account (trial)
  • Splunk enterprise admin account (trial)

I want to,

  • Get list of apps of Splunk cloud/enterprise programmatically.
  • After that I will be able to see list of dashboards, reports on desired app.
  • Further, I can select a dashboard, report which I want to embed on my website.

This will allow me to easily visualize up-to-date Splunk data on my website.

Thank you in advance to consider on my query.

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Thank you @PickleRick for you concern,

1. I have tried to embed report on my website as per following this document Embed scheduled reports. But I was not able to embed Splunk data report on my website, it was showing “Report not available” and in console showing 401 Unauthorized status code, Please check this image and reply.

Screenshot 2024-04-10 125210.png

2. I will follow this app well  Embedded Dashboards For Splunk (EDFS)

3.  Sure, i will try to use backend (server-side code) service to get Splunk data securely using the REST API.  Please let me explore more about REST API for backend service and where i have to request for REST API.

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The whole idea is tricky. If you want to use an embedded report - that's relatively easy and safe - you can embed _scheduled_ report so they are generated using predefined configuration and you can embed the resulting report into your external webpage.

With stuff more "dynamic" it's way more tricky because it involves a whole lot of making sure you don't accidentally create a security vulnerability for your environment and don't let the user do much more with your Splunk installation than you initially intended.

There is an app https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/4377 which is supposed to do that or at least help with that but I haven't used it and I don't know if/what limitations it has.

Of course another thing would be to use REST api in your app to call Splunk servers and generate proper output which you could then present to your user but due to the security issues I mentioned before, it's something you'd rather do in your backend and only present the user with the results embedded in your web app by said backend than let the browser call the Splunk search-heads directly.

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