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How to drilldown to a different dashboard and pass a token from a map panel on click of a value or name for a different region using a geostats search?

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How do I pass a token from map panel on click of a value or name for a different region using geostats?
I need the syntax and drilldown search using a token value.

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There's an easy to read presentation from conf 2013 on this.

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Thank you, dolivasoh.

I don't want to be rude and take over the thread, but maybe kkarthik2 can benefit from my post. I am able to get my maps to work now. My search string and drilldown for my map is:

index=myindex | iplocation src_ip | geostats globallimit=0 count by Country

      <set token="authcountry">$click.name$</set>
      <set token="form.authcountry">$click.name$</set>          

This successfully counts the countries and plots them on the map. However, when I click on any of the pies or circles, the $click.name$ value is always the top country in alphabetical order. For example, if I have 5 results for United Kingdom, 10 results for Italy, 2 results for Australia, and 3 results for China, when I click ANY pie or circle, the $click.name$ value will be Australia. It seems something behind the scene is sorting the countries alphabetically and choosing the top result. Do you know a way to solve this? Thanks!

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Splunk Employee

afarmer -I don't believe specific segments of pie can be called out for a drilldown. See this answer here if you don't mind getting all the labels and values for a pie.


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I would also like to know the answer.

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