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How to display my dashboard even when an optional drilldown parameter is not present?

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I'm trying to overload an existing dashboard, so that it could generate regardless if the drilldown parameter exists or not.

I want the dashboard to work even if I didn't pass $p_Time_Ago$ in the URL. Currently, it will show as "Search is waiting for input...", if the parameter value is not present.

[|stats c | addinfo | eval earliest=info_min_time-$p_Time_Ago$| eval latest=info_max_time-$p_Time_Ago$ | return earliest latest]  


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If you are using Splunk 6.5, this is now supported natively in Simple XML.

      <set token="p_Time_Ago">INITIAL_VALUE</set>

Reference # Set tokens on page load

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Thanks! I'm on 6.4.1.

Is there any other way to get around it for older version?

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