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How to display chart values without using tool tip


How can we go about presenting column chart values without using the tooltip (mouse over)? That is, how can we have the value of a column in a chart graph be displayed directly over the column (a column never shows the exact value until a mouse over event)? Most of the charts are being sent via PDF and the actual values are not accessible since it is static content.

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As stated before - this feature is available in Splunk from version 6.3.0 onwards.

Select Format=> General => Show Data Values => On

This will show the absolute value of the data bar next to it, as shown in the screenehot.


This is now available in Splunk 6.3 🙂
Select Format > General > Show Data Values > On

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Has this ever been implemented? There are many reasons why having the value on the chart itself is important. If I am giving a presentation, I want the numbers there so I don't have to mouse-over each column. If I have a lot of data or multiple charts on one slide-- I don't necessarily have room for a table for each one. Clearly sending out charts as pdf's without the values makes the chart kinda useless, again you may not have room to have a table. Seems like a pretty important feature to have?


+1 same problem here

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I also require a solution to this question, it has been up here for a while now and not received an answer. Does anyone know how to solve this issue?


Also the same question. Not very convenient when you're distributing a PDF of the dashboard to a group of people.

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I have a same question. How do i make values permanently appear on the chart instead of hovering ?


I do not know of a way. However the charting system is extremely powerful under the hood and can often surprise you with hidden powers like this. (someone else may know).

However as a practical suggestion I would suggest giving that particular panel in the view both a FlashChart and a SimpleResultsTable module so that you can use them both in the PDF...

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