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How to create a dashboard table with hardcoded text and the ability to drill down to other dashboards?



I am trying to make a simple dashboard with just one panel.
The panel should be a table with hardcoded text in each row. If you click on the text, you will be taken to another dashboard.

For example:
Row 1: "Cookies" [where clicking on "Cookies" in the table will take you to the Cookies sales dashboard]
Row 2: "Brownies"
Row 3: "Rice Krispy Treats"

I've been looking around and have been hitting dead ends because:
1. I'm not populating the table from a search. I want to put static objects in the table, but then be able to click the static object and go to a different dashboard.
2. Since I'm very new to all this, I've been trying to avoid doing this with an HTML panel...I was looking at the answer to "Dashboard Panel with custom static HTML?" and getting rather confused...

Any suggestions (even ones involving HTML) would be so appreciated! 🙂

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You can easily fake your static data as described in this Q&A so that it is a legitimate search but also fully static. The rest is trivial, even in Simple XML.



Thanks so much! Now I finally know how to generate static data with a legitimate search!

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Many thanks--the first link did the job for me beautifully!

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