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How to color the column based upon time?

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I have the dashboard panel  which gives latest time with respect to source and host,

now I want to give a color to the rows where time exceeds more than one in last 7 days. Please help me out.

index=A OR index=B | stats latest(_time) as latest_time by source,host | eval latest_time=strftime(latest_time,"%d/%m/%y %H:%M:%S:%Q") | table latest_time,source,host|sort -latest_time

when the time range is more than 24 hours the column should be in red.as mentioned below

Thnak you in advance,


latest_time source host

01/05/22 23:19:08:898 trace.log y
30/04/22 23:19:08:597 SystemOut.log y
30/04/22 23:19:08:388 SystemOut.log x
30/04/22 23:19:08:388 trace.log x
30/04/22 23:19:05:611 SystemOut.log y
30/04/22 23:19:05:611 trace.log x
30/04/22 23:09:40:000 SystemOut.log y
30/04/22 23:06:05:000 SystemOut.log x
30/04/22 22:57:14:000 SystemOut.log y
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index=A OR index=B
| stats latest(_time) as latest_time by source,host
| table latest_time,source,host
| sort latest_time
| streamstats window=2 range(latest_time) as timerange
| eval colour=if(timerange>24*60*60),"red",null())
| fields -timerange
| sort -latest_time
| fieldformat latest_time=strftime(latest_time,"%d/%m/%y %H:%M:%S:%Q")

Then use colour to indicate that the row needs to be coloured  - there are many answers on how to do this

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