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How to color one cell in a table BASED on the value of other cell in xml?

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I have two fileds: Value and Status
Value contains the actual numeric value and Status contains the state (Green,Amber,Red) in textual format.

I need to change the color of value field based on the text of the Status field.
So if value is 2 and Status is Green, the Value should be colored Green.

I cannot use direct color option using the edit(art brush) since the Status field evaluates the state.

Please help.


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hi @simon21,

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@simon21 check out the answer by @kamlesh_vaghela where you can combine the Value and Status in Single Cell Value using SPL (Status field remains separate and untouched). Then use Simple XML JS Extension to apply the cell color based on Value after which you can split and retain only number and discard Status using JavaScript.


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