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How to clear the screen of old values when user selects a new date from dropdown in a form.


I have a form with date, chart, table and event data, with each passing data to the next. How do I clear the screen of old values when the user selects a new date? At the moment, the old chart values remain as well as the old table and event data. If the user selects a new date, the chart will refresh, but the table and event data will still display data from the previous search.

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Have you set each panel to use the time picker for the date range instead of explicit time? To do this go in to edit mode. Then select edit "search string" from the drop down for one of the panels. Once the popup comes up change "explicit time" to "Shared Time Picker". Do this for each panel that you want to have the date change based on user input.

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Could you solve the problem? i have the same question

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