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How to change chart from line to dotted line depending on the column value?



I have following table:


it keeps the _time, server, CPU load and the predicted CPU load. The last column PREDICTION tells if the given value is a real reading or predicted one based on the ML algorithms (important: no ML Toolkit involved, but external result input).

Now, I would like to present all this in the dashboard in a decent way, kind like the smartforecastviz macro of the ML Toolkit does - real CPU for server with normal line and the prediction with the dotted one, same color. Possibly all servers in the same line chart. No additional fancy things needed.

I guess what would need to happen is the chart line type change, depending on the last column PREDICTION. 

Is it doable in any way?

Kind Regards,


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Lines on a chart are based on the series

Each line will have one colour

You could split your data for each server into two series (with and without prediction).

The issue with that might be that there will be a break between the end of one line and the start of the next.

Also, a series with only one data point becomes a dot rather than a line.

To overcome these, you could duplicate the last non-prediction entry as a prediction entry.

In order for the lines to have the same colour, you could set the series colours with formatting options.

In order to make some of the lines dotted / dashed, you could use CSS.

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