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How to add colored buttons in a table?

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I added 2 buttons (Delete + Update) to each row in a table. I used the example Script from from https://community.splunk.com/t5/Splunk-Search/How-do-you-add-buttons-on-table-view/m-p/384712 -> table_with_buttons.js. 

In general all is working fine, the most time. But sometimes when I do a Browser Reload the Javascript is not running and the buttons are not colored. If I'm using one of the dropdowns and select an item, the buttons are colored immediately.

It should be looking like this:


I  adapted the script a little bit and I ran always a https.//host/en-US/_bump after each change.


], function(_, $, mvc, TableView) {

  var CustomRangeRenderer = TableView.BaseCellRenderer.extend({
          canRender: function(cell) {
                  //console.log("Enable this custom cell renderer for field");
                  return _(["Update","Delete"]).contains(cell.field);
          render: function($td, cell) {
                 //console.log("Add a class to the cell based on the returned value");
                  var strCellValue = cell.value;

                  if (cell.field === "Update") {
                          var strHtmlInput="<input type='button' style='background-color:DodgerBlue' class='table-button btn-primary' value='"+strCellValue+"'></input>";
                  } else if (cell.field === "Delete") {
                          var strHtmlInput="<input type='button' style='background-color:OrangeRed' class='table-button btn-primary' value='"+strCellValue+"'></input>";

  mvc.Components.get('taskCollectionTable').getVisualization(function(tableView) {
          // Add custom cell renderer, the table will re-render automatically.
          tableView.table.addCellRenderer(new CustomRangeRenderer());



And this part in the dashboard:


  <row depends="$alwaysHideCSSPanel$">
          #taskCollectionTable table tbody tr td{
            cursor: default !important;
          #taskCollectionTable table tbody tr td input.table-button{
            width: 83px !important;
            position: relative;
            left: 5%;



What I'm missing or doing wrong?


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