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How to add a text box input on dashboard to filter dashboard panels while I am typing?

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I am seeing help with making my dashboard auto filter results. For example, in one of my panels I have a field that has various car names in it.

Camero SS
Cadillac SS

When I type into my Text Box for example, 'Cam' I want this to automatically filter the results without submitting the search so I only see Camero, Camero SS.

This can either be done with a search or I can throw this into a lookup table and search that from the dashboard.

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Basically, you're looking for postprocessing. It's not REALLY without a search, but it wouldn't have to go back to the underlying base search.

Here's the reference

Here's some examples -

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Thank you for the response but I am looking for something more along the lines of dynamically filtering results as stated if I type in "Cam," it will filter for results with "Cam" in it without having to kick off another search.

Or am I wrong and with using "Cam" for example, this will somehow search without hitting enter and using that as a token in the postprocess search (after base search)?

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I don't know of any tooltip-like instant filtering setup with splunk. At the very least, the postprocessing search would have to be "refreshing" (ie re-searching) after every keystroke.

Even toggling some data to hidden would require some part of the computer to be re-comparing data, which amounts to the same thing. It's not impossible, so maybe someone has developed it.

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